How we Operate

The best truck-mount carpet cleaning machine on the market and we are proud of our reputation for quality & performance in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.


Our Truck-mount machines generates high pressure, intense heat and powerful vacuum and is all you need for flood damage and deep cleaning of carpets and furniture.

The Prochem Truck-Mount Machine

The Prochem Truck-Mount Machine

The Prochem Truck-Mount Machine

The Prochem Truck-Mount Machine

Our truck mounted machines are parked outside and only requires the vacuum pipes to be taken into your  office or home.   The machine generates its own electricity which means that no electricity is used from the cleaning site.  The advantage is that our machines can be used at any site that is without electricity because it generates its own electricity and heat for deep steam cleaning.

We use the hot water extraction cleaning method – pressured heated water sprays into the carpet, while vacuuming the sprayed water to remove stains, dirt, sand and allergens.

Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and extracts maximum residue from the fibres, leaving a refreshed smell.

High vacuum power contributes to soft, clean and 90% dry carpets and furniture.

High velocity dryers are used to speed up the drying process.


We only use Superior Speciality Chemicals and Cleaning Solutions that prevent damage to the environment and minimize the detrimental effect on the aquatic life.  The cleaning solution contains softeners, brighteners and soil suspension with the neutral pH factor that does not leave a sticky residue that might cause re-soiling.

The result is a longer lifespan for your carpets!