Vinyl or Tile Cleaning

Cleaning floors by hand is very hard work and often messy and impossible to deep-clean. Porous grout lines trap dirt over time, causing tiles to look dull in appearance. Our biggest challenge is keeping grout clean. Grout is a porous material and collects dirt and grime often discolouring the surface.   Regular mopping and cleaning do not reach the hidden dirt that lies within the pores of grout lines.   Traffic can be heavy at times and stains appear quickly, transforming your tile floors from beautiful to ugly IMG_4318

Vinyl flooring is prone to getting dirty but watch how our Hybrid Machine can remove all dirt and leave your floor clean and dry.

The Hybrid Tile Cleaning Tool


Our professional cleaning tool achieves far better results than any hand cleaning could ever do. The high-pressure rotatory tool with dual rotating jets deep-cleans tiles and grout. The tool is combined with our truck-mounted steam cleaning machine that we also use for carpet cleaning.

Grout cleaning can be used on both


ceramic and porcelain tiles and is ideal for patios, kitchens, bathrooms and counter-tops.In almost no time, we clean, restore and protect your tired-looking tiles, eliminating the expense that comes with total replacement.



Our tile cleaning process may be gentle on your floors, but is highly effective at getting the dirt out.

  • We inspect area to assess the area.
  • We apply specific cleaners to strip away any waxy build-up.
  • Spots and stains are pre-sprayed using our cleaning product.
  • Our trained staff uses the tile cleaner tool to create a high-pressure water and vacuum combination that extracts the dirt from deep within the pores of the tiles and grout and also rinses and extract excess water.
  • Once the area is clean, a finishing coat of our clear sealant protects your grout. Grout lines are sealed to preserve cleanliness and prevent long term damage.
  • Tiled areas are efficiently dried.​

You can rely on Carpet Friend tile cleaning services, to give your tiles a professional makeover and to restore the lustre to your floors, making them look new again

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